author Ziptrak Team

calendar November 16, 2023

Be Smart When Choosing Your Outdoor Blinds

With real estate costs soaring in Singapore, balconies have become precious livable spaces. Homebuyers and homeowners alike recognise the potential these outdoor spaces hold.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar November 6, 2023

Amazing Features of Ziptrak® Home Blinds to Help Tackle Everyday Problems in Singapore

In the bustling city of Singapore, where urban challenges often clash with the desire for comfortable living, innovative solutions are essential. Ziptrak®, a renowned name in the world of home improvement, has ingeniously adapted to help fellow Singaporeans cope with their everyday problems.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar October 20, 2023

Window Blinds That Complement A Contemporary Interior Design

In the world of modern interior design where clean lines and minimalistic aesthetics reign supreme, the importance of window treatments cannot be overstated. The right window blinds can perfectly present a balance of light and shadows, enhancing the overall ambience while providing functionality and style in equal measure.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar October 11, 2023

Renovations Do’s and Don’ts

Renovating your home is similar to embarking on an exhilarating adventure. It’s an opportunity to transform your living spaces, infuse them with your personality and bring your dream home to life. However, although the outcome can be immensely rewarding, the process can be extremely overwhelming without the right guidance. Beyond the influence of trends and design magazines, there are numerous considerations to take into account to ensure your renovation project is a resounding success! In order to navigate this journey with confidence, here are some key dos and don’ts you should know.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar October 6, 2023

4 Reasons to choose Ziptrak For Your Nursery

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion, and preparing the perfect nursery for your little bundle of joy is an essential part of the journey. When it comes to creating a safe, comfortable, yet visually appealing space for your baby to grow, learn and thrive, every detail matters. Among these considerations, the choice of window treatments plays an important role in shaping the space.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar September 22, 2023

Why Ziptrak Blinds Should Be Your Choice for Window Treatments

When it comes to window treatments, finding the perfect balance between insulation, privacy, and aesthetics is top of mind for every homeowner. With a range of features and styling options, Ziptrak track-guided blinds offer a solution that ticks all the boxes. Explore some compelling reasons why these blinds should be your top choice for window treatments in Singapore.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar August 8, 2023

How To Pick Between The Different Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Materials

As Singapore’s residential cost per square foot increases over time, enhancing every inch of liveable space becomes our utmost priority, especially where balconies are concerned.  With that in mind, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, with their combination of functionality and design are perfectly positioned for this purpose. 

author Ziptrak Team

calendar July 11, 2023

4 Facts You Never Knew About Ziptrak

You hear it all the time from interior designers and property agents: Just Ziptrak it. So, what is it about this outdoor blind brand that has everyone talking about it? This Australian-born brand became a household name in the world of outdoor blinds by offering innovative solutions that make living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable. From its name to its innovations, there is much more to this brand than meets the eye. Read on for more interesting facts about Ziptrak.

author Ziptrak Team

calendar June 15, 2023

Create The Ultimate Gaming Room With Ziptrak® Interior

Are you searching for ways to take your gaming experience to a whole level? While top-of-the-line gaming gear and accessories are undoubtedly essential, creating the perfect ambience in your gaming room can significantly enhance your gameplay.

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