Ziptrak® Outdoor Manual Blind Features

Benefits of Manual Blinds

  • Super long-lasting These blinds offer enhanced durability, with the unique track-guided system providing resistance against the elements, all while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.
  • Dependability As there are no complicated mechanisms, you have the assurance of a smooth and reliable operation time and time again.
  • User-friendly and effortless operation Allows users to easily adjust the blinds by hand to quickly achieve the desired height and level of light.
Benefits of Manual Blinds Icons


Ziptrak®‘s flagship product is powered by its patented spring-balanced technology for an easy one-handed operation that requires no crank, or cords.

Pull Stick

One pull stick is provided free with each order. If you need more than one, additional pull sticks can be purchased.

Child Safety Latch

When deployed, the Child Safety Latch prevents the bottom bar from being raised above railing height, providing an additional safety feature by preventing falls from height.

Removable Post

Enjoy the flexibility of removing the posts when they’re not required. Ziptrak®’s removable post can easily be removed and stored when blinds are fully retracted. When you need your blinds down, simply slot them back in before operating your blinds. Only recommended for ground floor installations.

Reverse Handle

Need to operate the blind from both sides? An extra handle can be installed at the back of the bottom bar, so you can raise your manual blind from the outside.