With considerable demand for indoor blind products that provide superior protection and advanced light control, Ziptrak® has adapted its wildly popular outdoor system for the interior market.

Why Ziptrak® Interior

Why Ziptrak® Interior
Imagination’s the Limit

Ziptrak® Interior blinds can add to your home in a myriad of ways; be it an interior solution, a versatile replacement of wardrobe doors, or even at a statement piece.

Here’re some examples to get you started:

Turn Your Blinds Into an Art Piece

Turn your blinds into beautiful feature pieces by going for a custom print. Ziptrak’s track guided blind system provides a stylish frame for the fabric of your choice.

Enhance Your Gaming & Entertainment Experience

The superior light protection offered by the Ziptrak® Interior system, coupled with high-quality blackout fabric offers homeowners the ability to enjoy the ultimate gaming, or home theatre experience right in the comfort of their own homes.

Bring the Boutique Home

Motorised Ziptrak® Interior blinds, incorporated as a wardrobe system, allows fashionistas to view their entire collection at once by negating the need for traditional sliding doors. At the same time, these screens prevent dust from accumulating within the wardrobe.

Optimise Meeting Rooms

Ziptrak® Interior blinds can even be used as a projection screen, offering users enhanced light control and the flexibility of using their interior space more efficiently.

Be Spoilt for Choice

A home is an expression of self. That’s why, we offer homeowners a massive selection of ex-stock fabric to choose from, or the flexibility to use their preferred blind fabric or have it entirely customised from scratch

Visit an authorised Ziptrak® Interior retailer to view the full range of ex-stock fabric and frame finishes available.

Manual or Motorised

Ziptrak® Interior is available with our signature (manual) fingertip control or with motorisation for those seeking to create a smart home concept.



Note: These operating methods may require the purchase of additional accessories or services.

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