Ziptrak® Interior Features

No Cords or Chains

Adjust the blind with hassle-free; no more chains or cords to get tangled. Finally, a discreet blind with superior insulation and leading child safety.
Interior Blinds - Track Guided

Track Guided

The fabric edge is locked into small side tracks to ensure there are no gaps that allow wind, light or insects to enter. By creating a sealed surface between the window and blind, your living space will stay at your desired temperature.
Interior Blinds - Sealed Solutions

Sealed Solutions

Ziptrak® Interior blinds operate within tracks that are installed into both sides of your window frame. As a result, there is no gap to the left and right of the blind. The result is best-in-class insulation as air is not allowed to freely flow around the sides of the blind. Unlike other blinds, Ziptrak® Interior creates an air pocket effectively reducing your energy bills and benefitting our environment. Keep out pest and deliver extreme blackout.

Shade & Glare Control

If you’re seeking extreme Blackout for a home cinema room, bedroom or conference facility, the Ziptrak® Interior system is the perfect choice. Since the fabrics sits within a side track, there are no light gaps present at either side or the bottom of the blind, unlike most types of blinds. Light and translucent or heavy and light blocking – the choice is yours.

Interior Blinds - Advanced Light Control

Ultimate Range of Control

Ziptrak® Interior blinds are installed with the signature manual Ziptrak® SuperSpring, or motors from Somfy® or Dooya® or A-OK.

Ziptrak® SuperSpring (Manual Operation)

Manual Operation - By Hand

By Hand

Manual Operation - With a Pull Stick

With a Pull Stick

Ziptrak® Motorised (with Somfy or Dooya or A-OK motors)

Motorised Operation - Remote Control

Remote Control

Motorised Operation - Mobile App

Mobile App

Motorised Operation - Smart Home Integration

Smart Home Integration