Why ziptrak®

Ziptrak®️ is dedicated to perfecting its system

In fact, we’re so serious about our blinds that we have a research and development facility that’s dedicated to testing and product development within our headquarters in Adelaide, Australia. 

Our efforts have yielded innovations that truly make a difference to the performance and durability of our blinds.

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With Ziptrak®️ you are assured of

Patented • Proven • Preferred

Australia’s #1 choice for outdoor blinds, with over 30 years of experience.

Durable & Lasting

Products tested regularly and rigorously to last the test of time.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Guaranteed protection. Localised support. For your peace of mind.

Ultimate Range of Control
Choose between fuss-free manual, or motorised options.
Pestout®️ and Self-Cleaning

Ziptrak®️‘s PestOut®️ Pelmet keeps out insects and cleans the fabric.

Smart Home Ready

Activate blinds by voice, mobile app, home motorised system or weather sensors.

How to spot a Genuine Ziptrak®️

Ziptrak® Genuine - PestOut® Pelmet
Ziptrak® Genuine - Spline
Ziptrak® Genuine - Bottom Bar Guides
Ziptrak® Genuine - Centre-Lock-Release