Ziptrak® Outdoor Fabric Options

With Ziptrak® providing such a robust protection from the outdoor environment, your choice of blind fabric becomes the key factor in determining the level of protection you get. Ziptrak® understands this – it’s why we work with reputable fabric manufacturers around the world to provide you with a wide selection of fabric types to choose from:

PolyWeave 5%

This translucency allows an ample amount of natural sunlight to illuminate the space. An outdoor blind fabric that is ideal for locations with great views.

PolyWeave 1%

The most popular fabric for outdoor blinds in Singapore, the 1% PolyWeave material retains your view and strikes the best balance between retaining the view, while providing ample protection from most weather conditions and privacy.

RainOut® Frosted

A Ziptrak® Outdoor exclusive, this popular fabric is the best for keeping rain out. Homeowners love it as it offers privacy, lets the light in and creates a frosted glass effect.

RainOut® Blackout

Recommended if you’re after outdoor blinds that offer a blackout effect in a smaller space. As part of the RainOut® series, consider this instead of curtains or roller blinds on your sliding doors.


This marine-grade PVC is well-loved by cafe and restaurant owners who want to use their outdoor spaces even on rainy days. And by property owners with million-dollar views!

Fabric Comparisons

Fabric Characteristics PolyWeave 5% PolyWeave 1% RainOut® Frosted RainOut® Blackout ClearView™️
Openness Factor 5% 1% 0% 0% 0%
Keep Rain Out              
Keep Cool Air In        
Provide Privacy at Night
Reduce External Noise
Blockout Heat from Direct Sun

The table illustrates comparative benefits of each fabric type. Customised fabric options are also available. For further technical information, please contact your retailer.