Be Smart When Choosing Your Outdoor Blinds

Blog - Be Smart When Choosing Your Outdoor Blinds

With real estate costs soaring in Singapore, balconies have become precious livable spaces. Homebuyers and homeowners alike recognise the potential these outdoor spaces hold. Yet, with an average of 167 rainy days a year, many balconies are left exposed to weather elements, which is where outdoor blinds play a crucial role. 

Let’s explore how choosing the right blinds protects your investment but also integrates your spaces. 

1. Choose only Genuine Ziptrak Blinds

Buying a genuine Ziptrak® blind ensures you are receiving the original and the most advanced outdoor track-guided blind system, made in Australia. There are many features unique to Ziptrak® such as the patented side spline, Pestout Pelmet and Reverse Handle on Manual Blinds that are easy to use and require little  maintenance.

Even if some retailers may refer to their blinds as ‘Ziptrack’, ensure you are purchasing original Ziptrak with these steps:

  1. Only use this website to find a retailer near you.
  2. Ask your retailer if they sell the genuine and patented Ziptrak® system from Australia.
  3. Ask that your quotation and invoice include the Ziptrak® brand name and that it is spelt correctly (Ziptrak without a ‘c’).
  4. Once installed, check you’ve received the genuine Ziptrak® system by ensuring all of the parts illustrated have the Ziptrak® marking.
  5. Original Ziptrak Blinds are retailed exclusively at these retailers.

2. Property Requirements

Be sure to check with your MCST (if you are living in a condominium) about installing balcony blinds. Most MCSTs would have approved track-guided blinds but have specifications on 
a. Fabric and pelmet colour
b. If blinds that span more than 3 metres can be installed.

If you live in a landed property, you would not have such restrictions and can speak to any of our retailers for proposed solutions on integrating track-guided blinds into your home, such as customising the colour of the blinds and pelmets to your walls so that they look like one. 

3. Retailer’s Services

It’s important to feel comfortable with the salesperson you are buying from and also understanding the following from your retailer before committing to a purchase:

a. Installation Lead Times – Often, a retailer would have standard lead times for fabrications and installation. It’s good practice to plan ahead of time to ensure installations can coincide with your renovation period (if any) and/or to avoid peak periods where possible.

b. Downpayment (deposit) and Payment Methods – Although digital payments are easily available today, not all retailers accept credit card transactions.

c. Post-Installation Services – As it is normal to have wear and tear (especially for blinds that are exposed to weather elements), always check what your retailers offer in terms of post-installation advice and services. Warranties are in place (see point 4) for Ziptrak Original Blinds, but in case of maintenance or repair work, there might be transport/additional charges involved that you should clarify beforehand with your retailer.

4. Warranty

When purchasing balcony blinds, it’s crucial to consider the warranty and aftercare services provided by the brand. A reliable company stands by its products, offering a comprehensive warranty. Ziptrak® sets the standard in this regard, providing a 5-year product warranty for motorised blinds and an impressive 10-year warranty on its manual spring component. In the unlikely event that repairs are required, our expert team, well-versed in blind installation and repairs, will swiftly and efficiently handle any issues.

Find out more about our Warranty Registration and Information here.

Track-guided blinds are a great investment so being smart about your blinds helps you avoid costly mistakes. Choose the right blind and retailer for you, there is no one-size-fits-all.    

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