Amazing Features of Ziptrak® Home Blinds to Help Tackle Everyday Problems in Singapore

Blog - Amazing Features of Ziptrak® Home Blinds to Help Tackle Everyday Problems in Singapore

In the bustling city of Singapore, where urban challenges often clash with the desire for comfortable living, innovative solutions are essential. Ziptrak®, a renowned name in the world of home improvement, has ingeniously adapted to help fellow Singaporeans cope with their everyday problems. Let’s learn the amazing features of Ziptrak® home blinds that can transform your living spaces, elevating comfort and convenience.

1. Warding off Dengue Worries With Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds

Singapore being a tropical country, faces the threat of dengue primarily at night when Aedes mosquitoes are most active. Keeping windows closed to ward off mosquito intrusions often leads to stuffy rooms, Ziptrak®’s PolyWeave 5% fabric has a higher degree of openness in its fabric, allowing more sunlight and wind to enter the room while effectively keeping mosquitos out. 

These outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy the refreshing night breeze without worrying about pesky bites, ensuring your balcony is still usable.

2. Ziptrak can be incorporated with other window treatments

Ziptrak balcony blinds can easily be integrated with invisible grilles, ensuring both weather protection and enhanced safety. 

Designed without any cords, Ziptrak® eliminates the risk of strangulation, demonstrating a commitment to your family’s well-being. As an extra layer of security, the inclusion of a child safety latch feature also offers peace of mind, ensuring your moments of relaxation are truly worry-free. 

Now, you can create a shaded and comfortable outdoor space where you can unwind, read, or bask in natural light with your loved ones.

3. Effortless Home Control with Motorised Ziptrak® Blinds

Picture this – you left your laundry on the balcony and went out with friends and suddenly, it rains! With motorised Ziptrak® blinds, the future is now at your fingertips. 

These blinds effortlessly sync with SmartHome systems like Google Home (using a WiFi bridge) or even via an app. Simply tap through your smartphone, and your Ziptrak® blinds will glide shut, shielding your space from the rain, ensuring your balcony (and laundry) remain dry. 

Embrace the ultimate in convenience and peace of mind, all thanks to Ziptrak®’s innovative motorised blinds. Welcome to a future where relaxation, security, and modern living unite seamlessly.

Ziptrak® has efficiently adapted to the unique challenges faced by Singaporeans, offering perfect alternatives that enhance both the comfort and functionality of living spaces. By addressing common issues, we empower individuals to create homes that are not only elegant but also conducive to a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle.

With Ziptrak®, you can transform your living spaces into a safe haven, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of urban living in the heart of Singapore. Contact one of our retailers today to know more!