How To Pick Between The Different Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Materials

How To Pick Between The Different Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds Materials

As Singapore’s residential cost per square foot increases over time, enhancing every inch of liveable space becomes our utmost priority, especially where balconies are concerned.  With that in mind, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds, with their combination of functionality and design are perfectly positioned for this purpose. 

It can, however, be overwhelming when faced with a plethora of fabrics and pelmets. To help make your decision process a little easier, we’ve listed some key factors you should consider before deciding on your ideal Ziptrak® balcony blinds.

1. Sun Protection

When it comes to balcony blinds, Ziptrak® definitely knows how to handle the sunshine game. The Rainout Frosted fabric is what you need to shield against most harmful UV rays. It keeps rain out but your air conditioning in. The frosted appearance also gives you more privacy but silhouettes can be seen from the outside if the lights are on in the apartment (like frosted glass).

If you prefer more filtered light to keep your space bright and lively, the Polyweave 1% (Singapore’s de facto fabric choice) or Polyweave 5% fabric strike the perfect balance. You may have to consider that although both 1% and 5% offer superior protection against most weather conditions, you may still see rain entering your balcony if it rains heavily.  With Ziptrak® Singapore blinds, you can tailor your outdoor area to your exact sun protection needs! 

2. Privacy

Concerned about privacy in condos with too-close-for-comfort neighbouring blocks or ground floor apartments? Ziptrak® has you covered, literally! Like its namesake, the Rainout Blackout fabric shields your space from prying eyes (and keeps rain out completely), even if your apartment is within peeping view from another block. This fabric also helps to keep your air-conditioning in. 

If  your apartment is situated on the ground floor and you still want to enjoy the surrounding scenery, the Polyweave 5% fabric offers a good balance between some privacy while allowing you to relax comfortably. Ziptrak® helps you create a private oasis in Singapore’s bustling atmosphere, no matter the location. Say goodbye to unwanted intrusions and enjoy your outdoor space with peace of mind.

3. Condominium MCST Regulations

When considering Ziptrak® outdoor shades for your condominium, it’s crucial to take into account your condominium MCST’s guidelines. Most condominiums have specific colour requirements that residents must follow to maintain the overall facade of the development. To ensure compliance, it is advisable to check with your MCST regarding these guidelines or speak to your neighbours who have had Ziptrak® installed in their own homes about their experience.

Our experienced Ziptrak® retailers are also well-informed about each development’s approved colour(s) and can provide valuable guidance in selecting the appropriate colours and type of fabric (e.g. 1% Polyweave versus 5%) that aligns with your condominium’s regulations. Do reach out to any of our retailers today for expert advice.

4. Personalisation

Owning outdoor blinds can be an exciting way to enhance your living space, and Ziptrak® ups the ante with customisable options that allow you to incorporate a design facing your indoor living space, seamlessly blending your balcony and home into one cohesive look.

Not only do you benefit from the practicality of outdoor blinds, you also elevate the overall visual appeal of your home.

Ziptrak® empowers you with choices, which is what every homeowner wants to establish their private paradise. If you’re interested in finding out more about Ziptrak® blinds for your home, do contact any of our retailers today!