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4 Facts You Never Knew About Ziptrak

4 Facts You Never Knew About Ziptrak

You hear it all the time from interior designers and property agents: Just Ziptrak it. So, what is it about this outdoor blind brand that has everyone talking about it?

This Australian-born brand became a household name in the world of outdoor blinds by offering innovative solutions that make living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable. From its name to its innovations, there is much more to this brand than meets the eye. Read on for more interesting facts about Ziptrak. 

Did You Know?

1. The Origin Of The Name ‘Ziptrak’

From the name of the product, many would assume Ziptrak comes with a zip. Contrary to popular belief, zips are not part of the equation at all!

Instead, it got its name from an Aussie term “zippy” which means ‘quick’ or ‘speedy’. The word ‘trak’ on the other hand, was introduced as a spin on the word ‘track’, in reference to their patented Track-Guided System.

This system features a unique guided track that helps to secure the blind in place. It allows for a smooth and seamless operation, making it easier to raise or lower the blind, while ensuring the blind remains taut, preventing it from flapping around during windy days in Singapore. Ziptrak has definitely revolutionised the way blinds are designed and installed, offering the best outdoor blind solution for all homeowners. 

2. Inspired By A Sailing Experience

Ziptrak’s founder, Tony de Maaijer, was an avid sailor. One day, he noticed that the sails on his boat would flap around easily if they were not secured properly. This led him to come up with the idea of a spline in a track-guided system that could keep his sails taut and secure.

Tony realised that the same principle could also be applied to outdoor blinds, which often suffer from similar issues without the track (example, roller blinds).

The result was the Ziptrak Track-Guided Blind System, equipped with the revolutionary and patented side spline technology. This innovative feature keeps the blind fabric firmly within the track, ensuring superior performance even in the face of adverse wind conditions and enabling it to withstand static wind loads of up to 290km/h.

It’s no wonder that this advanced blind system quickly gained popularity not only in Australia but also globally and especially in Singapore and Malaysia

3. Sponsors Cycling Sports In Australia

Ziptrak’s involvement in the world of the outdoors goes beyond just providing the best solution for home blinds. The brand is deeply passionate about outdoor activities, particularly cycling, and has made a significant impact by sponsoring major sporting events.

Ziptrak has been a proud sponsor of the Tour Down Under, one of the most prominent cycling races in Australia. This annual event, which takes place in January, draws some of the most notable names in the sport.

Through their sponsorship of events like the Tour Down Under, Ziptrak demonstrates their unwavering commitment to promoting outdoor activities and encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ziptrak is more than just a company that provides blinds; it’s a brand that is dedicated to enhancing people’s living experiences, whether it’s for relaxation, exercise, or socialising.

4. Many of Ziptrak’s Innovations have been Specifically-Created for Singapore

Ziptrak is a brand that has expanded its reach globally, creating innovative solutions for outdoor living through their balcony blinds. Recognising the unique challenges faced by different climates and environments around the world, Ziptrak has made significant strides in personalised solutions, catered to each individual country.

Ziptrak’s Panoview, exclusively designed for Singapore, allows blinds to go up to 6 metres wide, ensuring there is no middle pole to block your million-dollar view.

In addition to the Panoview, Ziptrak also created the PestOut pelmet, which addresses the issue of pests that frequently plague Singapore’s humid climate. This dual brush system keeps pests out, making outdoor living spaces pest-free. Taking it a step further, Ziptrak pelmets and fabrics can also be personalised, ensuring a seamless integration with your unique aesthetic preferences and overall interior design. 

With a passion for promoting an active lifestyle and innovative designs that cater to specific needs, Ziptrak takes blinds to a whole new level. If you’re interested in installing Ziptrak blinds for your home, do contact any of our retailers today to learn more about our blinds.

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