After Installation

Manual spring-balanced Ziptrak® Interior blinds are immediately ready for use upon installation and no other configuration is required.

As the blind has been rolled up for storage and transportation, you may see crease lines on the fabric immediately after installation. If so, simply leave the blinds down for a few days, so that the material may settle.

Operating Your Blinds
The manual spring-balanced blinds allow you to easily lower or raise the blind, with a sophisticated spring that supports the weight of the blind. The blind should be hand-operated from the centre of the bottom bar. This ensures the material rolls evenly onto the top tube. The blind should always glide smoothly and easily along the track.
Ziptrak® blinds are easy and simple to use, providing a smooth glide for years of care-free operation. If it is difficult to raise or lower your blind for no obvious reason, please contact your Ziptrak® retailer.

Using the Pull Stick
Use the pull stick for hard-to-reach heights. When operating the blind using a pull stick, the pull stick should only be placed in the centre of the bottom bar to push/pull the blind up or down. Pressure should only be applied on the lip of the bottom bar.





With correct cleaning and usage, Ziptrak® blinds will look great and function properly for years.



The Ziptrak® Interior system and hardware can be matched with a variety of interior blind fabrics. The skin material ‘fabric’ is not a product of Ziptrak Pty Ltd. Please speak with your retailer to receive complete care instructions for cleaning and maintenance from the relevant manufacturer.



In general, Ziptrak® blinds should not require additional lubrication as part of regular maintenance. However, in dusty and seafront locations, you may wish to add lubricant approximately once a year to assist in the continued smooth operation of the blind.

Only use non-oil-based silicone spray, such as “Specialist High Performance Silicon Lubricant” from the WD-40 company. To apply, lower the blind all the way; evenly apply the spray in the groove between the spline and the track. Do this for the exterior of the blind only, on both the left and right sides. After lubrication, open and close the blind several times to evenly distribute the silicone spray within the track.

! DO NOT use any oil-based lubricants, such as WD-40 Multi-Use Product, as this will damage the spline tape and clog any dust that may be within the track.



Windy Conditions

Ziptrak® Interior Blinds is a finely engineered solution for home privacy. To extend the life of your system please adhere to the following instructions.

When operating the blind using a pull stick, the pull stick should only be placed in the centre of the bottom bar to push/pull the blind up or down. Pressure should only be applied on the lip of the bottom bar. Care must be taken when operating the blinds whilst the window is open, in this case, the blind should be left partially raised to reduce the pressure caused by wind currents, especially when having block out blinds. Avoid closing the blind completely when the window is open. If windy conditions occur while raising or lowering the blind use your hand to push against the fabric to reduce the pressure and then operate the blind. Installation is crucial to determining the performance of your blind.

For further information, please speak with your retailer.

Please contact the authorised retailer who installed your Ziptrak® system in the event of any queries or warranty claims. Our authorised retailers will support you with any questions or concerns regarding the performance, operation or maintenance of your blind system, or if you require replacement parts.

Ziptrak® blinds are fully guaranteed against defective materials, manufacturing and fabrication defaults. Retailers are provided with a 60-month warranty of all the components on the Ziptrak® outdoor system. You will not be expected to pay for components within Ziptrak’s warranty coverage. Depending on the service warranty provided by your selected retailer, however, retailers retain the right to levy a fee for servicing requests that fall outside of their service warranty coverage. Please contact your retailer to discuss their warranty period and inclusions for your installation or refer to your Warranty Certificate by your retailer.

Please visit our warranty page for more information.

How-To & Troubleshooting

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