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The Great Barrier Reef Joint Field Management team specifically requested the installation of full block out blinds in their Marine Park Vessels.

This request comes from their commitment to minimising the impact on marine life during research activities, as artificial lights have the potential to disorient marine species. In order to achieve this objective, the Program Director chose Ziptrak® Interior Blinds.

We are proud to have our product installed on three Marine Park vessels, exemplifying the versatility of Ziptrak® Interior. These custom-designed catamaran patrol vessels were built for the Great Barrier Reef Joint Field Management Program. The crew embarks on extended expeditions to remote offshore waters, doing practical research that helps protect and maintain well-functioning marine and island ecosystems that support the Great Barrier Reef.

The talented team at Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters installed over a dozen Ziptrak® Interior blinds on these vessels. The blinds were thoughtfully chosen with anodised frames that complement the vessel’s colours, accompanied by Dawn Ash Blue block out fabrics. The customer opted for manual-operated blinds due to the practicality of the spring-balanced system.

Check out the images of Ziptrak ® Interior Blinds being installed while the vessel was constructed by Norman R. Wright & Sons.

The crew protecting a World Heritage Area were so pleased with the results that two more have been fitted with Ziptrak® Interior. Subsequently, a Sealink ferry service that operates between islands has also been equipped with Ziptrak® Interior Blinds.

Check out the stunning result on this Marine Park vessel!

Protecting our World Heritage

For further information on how to protect and sustain these delicate ecosystems, we invite you to visit: Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

Images courtesy of Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters and the Norman R. Wright & Sons.

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