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  Ziptrak Features 

If you’re looking for outdoor roller blinds in Singapore, look no further than Ziptrak® Outdoor Blinds. Protect your outdoor living space from rain, dust and insects with the innovative track-guided outdoor blind system.

Unlike other products on the market, Ziptrak® outdoor blinds are built to withstand strong winds, meaning you don’t have to worry about retracting your blinds all the time! Ziptrak® Manual blinds are spring-balanced, meaning you can push the blind to any position and it will stay there. No need for expensive motors, or expensive repairs. Ziptrak® with motorisation is also available, for those who prefer to use a remote control smart phone, or smart home system to operate their blinds. The Ziptrak® system is the smart solution for protecting your outdoor living space. If you’re looking for robust and durable outdoor roller blinds in Singapore, make sure you learn about the benefits of Ziptrak®!