What is Ziptrak® PanoView®? How does this differ from other Ziptrak® blinds?

PanoView® is another innovation by Ziptrak® Australia. PanoView® refers to a type of Ziptrak® blind that consists of two sections, which are joined at the site to form a single frame. This innovative method allows us to install very wide blinds of up to 6m width in high-rise apartments, instead of having multiple narrow blinds. Most elevators and stairwells of high-rise buildings in Singapore can only accommodate blinds of up to 3.4m in width, which effectively limits the width of the blind that can be transported up and installed. But with Ziptrak® PanoView®, this is no longer an issue, as we can transport the blind up in two sections and join it at the site. Customers can now enjoy unobstructed views, thanks to a single, wide Ziptrak® PanoView® blind.