What are track-guided blinds?

Ziptrak® is a patented outdoor track-guided blind system, invented in Australia. Track-guided means that the fabric moves down a track on the left and right side (similar to shutters). Track-guided outdoor blinds are designed so that the blind material the track without any gap for wind or insects to enter through, or cold air to escape from. Unlike traditional cabled blinds which flap about in the wind and are exposed at the sides, the blind material will remain in the tracks, and continue to protect your outdoor space during windy, rainy conditions.

Ziptrak® is the ORIGINAL track-guided blind system. Based in Australia, this ingenuous track-guided system was invented in 1999, and Ziptrak® is the number one brand of outdoor track-guided blinds in Australia. Ziptrak® also patented the revolutionary manual SuperSpring system; which allows user to easily and quickly move the blind up and down, without the need for cords, cranks or even motors.

Since it’s introduction into Singapore in early 2017, thousands of home owners have installed Ziptrak® in their outdoor spaces, to enjoy:

  1. Protection from rain
  2. Protection from sun glare, UV radiation and infrared radiation
  3. Retention of cooled air
  4. Privacy
  5. Protection from smells