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Unconventional Ways To Use Ziptrak® Blinds

Unconventional Ways To Use Blinds

With property prices going upward while spaces get smaller in Singapore, Ziptrak® blinds present an innovative and versatile solution to every homeowner. You may think of blinds in their traditional sense – to provide a protective barrier against sun, wind and rain while also offering privacy.  At Ziptrak® however, there are a number of unconventional ways that you can use indoor blinds to create a more liveable space.

Choose from different colour schemes and textures of the pelmets (the top part holding the retracted blind) as well as a wide variety of fabric patterns and colours. Some pelmet choices even resemble real wood grain textures or marbling effects to suit the interior design theme of the home! 

With Ziptrak®, the possibilities may be endless, but here are our Top Four inspirations to get you started.  

1. Room Partitions/Doors

With Ziptrak® indoor blinds, you can create a balance between aesthetically pleasing yet functional room partitions, particularly in indoor spaces that need to be divided into smaller areas when the need arises. 

By installing blinds as room partitions, you can easily create separate zones for different activities, such as dividing a dining area from a workspace, or even creating a temporary ‘mancave’ in the bedroom! 

Operated manually or motorised, you will be able to adjust the height of the blinds or  retract them when you want to reopen the space. Consider customising your blinds’ with specific images of your choice (maybe even immortalise your child’s painting on the blind!).  

2. Wardrobes

Ziptrak® indoor blinds can help to enhance a walk-in wardrobe or even create a storage area in a smaller living space. For example, if you live in a two-bedroom  apartment, installing a Ziptrak® blind divides one room space into two so that you can store items such as luggage on one side while leaving the other side as an additional closet space. 

For the style-conscious homeowner who has the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe,  choose Ziptrak® Indoor Blinds Ventimesh fabric which has a sheerness that allows you to view your entire wardrobe at a glance. The translucency allows plenty of ventilation and light through, yet protects your precious clothing and bags from dust. 

For the best fit to your needs, do consult our retailers here. 

3. Projection Screen

To create an immersive and engaging visual experience, we have special Ziptrak® Blackout Blinds to transform into a projection screen. The blinds’ smooth and sleek surface makes it ideal for presentations, movie nights or gaming sessions with friends and family. 

With the ability to adjust the heights of the blinds or retract them completely, you can quickly transform your space from a cosy screening room to a multi-functional area, offering you a versatile space to suit your every need.

4. Incorporate Art Into Your Home

Ziptrak® indoor blinds not only provide practical benefits but also offer an opportunity to incorporate art into your home. With the ability to customise your blinds with specific images or designs, you can transform a functional partition into a work of art. Imagine having your favourite landscape painting printed onto a customised blind and using it for your windows.  (maybe even immortalise your child’s painting on the blind!).

If you are looking to customise your home blinds in any of the ways we have just listed, Ziptrak® has just what you need to elevate your space. Speak to any of our retailers today!


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