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Smart Ways To Make Use Of Your Balcony Space

Smart Ways To Make Use Of Your Balcony Space

As most newer properties come fitted with one or more balconies, it’s important to transform this void into a valuable extension of your home. Whether providing an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or protection from weather elements and pests, Ziptrak® Outdoor blinds in Singapore is your smart choice.

1. Outdoor Lounge

Ziptrak PolyWeave1% Lounge Balcony Blinds Deck out your balcony into an inviting lounge area, perfect for entertaining family and friends. Ziptrak’s Outdoor blind’s PolyWeave 1%, being the most popular fabric in Singapore, provides ample protection from most weather conditions and some privacy, while still retaining your view of your surroundings. Elevate your space by incorporating comfortable seating, such as deck chairs, sofas and a coffee table and even throw pillows. Consider adding different decorative accents like potted plants or fairy lights, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere that sets the perfect mood for any occasion. If your place gets the West sun and it gets too hot in the day, move the Ziptrak blinds completely down, turn your air-conditioning on, and you still get to enjoy a cool space to relax.


2. Dining & Entertainment

Want to enjoy the million dollar unobstructed view of the stunning fireworks show from your balcony during New Year’s Eve or special holidays? With the revolutionary Ziptrak PanoView® system, you can now indulge in the breathtaking panoramic view of Singapore’s skyline, unobstructed by any intrusive posts. The system can span up to 6 metres wide, ensuring you have an uninterrupted view of the city’s skyline.

To enhance your dining experience, consider adding a cosy dining table and chairs, along with a portable bar cart, to take your culinary delights to new heights.

Do consult our retailers today to know more about our fabric types.

Dining Area-blinds Singapore


3. Yoga Or Exercise Space

Since the pandemic, most of us have gotten used to exercising or practising yoga in the comfort of our homes. For this purpose, the Ziptrak PolyWeave 5% blinds offer an ideal balance of privacy and natural light, converting your balcony into a peaceful sanctuary that’s just right for working out.

Whether you practice in the morning or evening sun, you are guaranteed an ample amount of sunlight and Vitamin D. Transform your balcony into your very own ultimate workout destination with Ziptrak® balcony blinds in Singapore.

4. Home Office

Even with the back-to-office shift after the pandemic, many of us still work remotely at home. Consider designing your balcony into an effective and productive workspace with Ziptrak® Rainout Frosted., You can create a quiet oasis that allows natural light in while keeping out rain (and therefore dry balconies!). The frosted glass effect on the fabric still offers enough privacy for work calls or quiet time for when you just need to focus on that presentation.

If you work in a creative field such as animations or video editing, Ziptrak’s Rainout Blackout becomes the best choice for you, as the Blackout blinds turns day into night, allowing greater focus on your screens. With the foundation of your workspace settled, get organised with a simple table, splurge on one of those ergonomic chairs, add IKEA drawers or shelves and you’re all set.

5. Kids’ Play Area

Kids Play Area-blinds Singapore If you are a parent, you would have probably installed grilles on your balconies to protect children from the risk of falling or pushing large objects over. However these grilles usually only serve the purpose of safety and do not keep out rain or pests. Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds, e.g. Polyweave 1% (most popular) can be installed together with the grilles to keep rain or shine to a bare minimum. They are fitted with a child safety latch; are cordless to ensure that toddlers and kids do not get entangled unnecessarily (strangulation hazard). Now that you have your children’s safety and space sorted, add little tables and chairs for drawing and crafting; a mini slide or even a ball pit for the kids to entertain themselves!

With our
outdoor shades, your balcony can become a beautiful and functional space that offers endless possibilities for relaxation, entertainment and creativity.

Speak to any of our retailers today to learn how Ziptrak® can enhance your balcony space in Singapore.

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