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How To Choose The Right Indoor Blinds For Your Home

How To Choose The Right Indoor Blinds For Your Home

Whether it is a home office, living room, bedroom or even wardrobe, Ziptrak® Interior Blinds can bring together an aesthetically-pleasing yet practical living space. We’ve simplified a few important considerations here for your interior needs.

1. Light And Privacy Control

Living in sunny Singapore means we’re accustomed to bright daylight almost all year round. Yet as space becomes scarce and condominiums are built closer to each other, we also value the privacy within our homes. The right indoor blinds like Ziptrak® Interior offers superior light control catered to different purposes of the rooms and varied levels of privacy. Here are some options to consider.

  • VentiMesh® (Sheer Indoor Blinds) – Sheer window treatments are best suited for spaces such as living rooms. The translucency allows  plenty of natural light to fill the room yet provides enough privacy and even ventilation for entertaining or relaxation.
  • Lush (Semi-Opaque Indoor Blinds) – Blinds with a level of opacity between sheer and blackout decreases the light that enters, making them suitable for indoor spaces such as bedrooms for you to enjoy a high level of privacy while still being able to see outside. Ziptrak Interior Blinds can even be used as a projection screen for indoor cinema settings!
  • Blackout Indoor Blinds – Ziptrak® Interior Blackout Blinds, as its namesake suggests, can turn day into night, granting the greatest comfort for those who work on shift or need total darkness to nap in the day. This type of bedroom blinds will also come in handy if you are trying to sleep-train your baby. Ziptrak Interior Blinds can even be used as a projection screen for indoor cinema settings!

For the best fit to your needs,do consult our retailers.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Probably the most common question at the top of every homeowner’s mind – Ziptrak Interior Blinds are made with the purpose of ease. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth or vacuum the blinds, no uninstallation or professional cleaning needed!

3. Ease Of Use and Safety

You’ll want to ensure that any window treatment is easy to use. Rather than have you fumble with cords, or chains (the hallmark of traditional roller or venetian blinds) Ziptrak’s signature fingertip control is an uncomplicated method for manual blinds in Singapore. Since Ziptrak® Interior Blinds do not come with cords, chains or cranks (potential strangulation hazards for children and pets alike), they are considered the safest type of home blinds.To move the manual indoor blinds, you simply move the bottom bar up or down, and it will remain at the height that you leave it at. If you opt for a smart home concept, motorised blinds can be easily integrated into many systems, or you could simply use the remote control provided.An added bonus, Ziptrak’s unique track guided system is also able to keep out mosquitoes and other flying pests while allowing natural ventilation when the blinds are lowered completely (with the VentiMesh® fabric) – very useful in times where dengue fever cases are on the rise.

4. Aesthetic and Design

Ziptrak® Interior Blinds suit a wide variety of interior styles as there are over 120 options of fabrics in different patterns and colours to choose from.You can also opt for customised blinds to suit your interior needs exactly as you prefer.Interior design connoisseurs would be pleased to learn that Ziptrak® is able to customise even the look of the pelmet (top part holding the retracted blinds and motor) as well as the tracks with woodgrains of different tones and even leather or marbling patterns using a unique architectural adhesive.

Now that you have a head start to choosing indoor blinds, speak to any of our retailers to get started today!

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